At PointHeads, our mission is to provide services for credit card users to travel frequently and affordably using rewards earned from everyday spending. We are pleased to offer the first of those services with The PointHeads Podcast.

In our pilot episode, we start the process converting Charlie from travel reward beginner to PointHeads expert. We discuss common questions people have when entering the “points and miles” world and the two crucial elements needed to maximize rewards.

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The third party services we discuss in the podcast will help you stay organized and secure as your venture into the points and miles game.

  • AwardWallet: Keep track of all your reward programs, how many points you have available, and when they will expire.
  • LastPass: Securely store and easily access all your credentials (and make your password difficult to hack!).
    • Editor’s Note: Due to the recent actions of LastPass, we no longer recommend LastPass for most users. Check out our article about LastPass’ changes for details.