On virtually every credit card purchase, flight booking, and hotel reservation, there is some incentive offered to choose a particular brand. Companies promise lucrative rewards in exchange for a consumer’s continued loyalty, but realizing the full potential of those rewards can be an overwhelming task. At PointHeads, we aim to help you maximize that potential efficiently and stress-free. Our primary mission is to provide services for credit card users to travel frequently and affordably using rewards earned from everyday spending. We believe rewards programs should not only benefit the full-time hobbyists. We are here to simplify the game and help you take back what’s yours.

Meet Mark

I have an unnatural obsession with the ocean (or any body of water big enough to jump into), trying every food in the world (except uncooked tomatoes), and cheering for the Northwestern Wildcats. These obsessions resulted in a two year journey across the world after college. With my life in a backpack, access to a tiny graduate student stipend, and a group of international friends just as eager to explore, I developed a love for traveling via couchsurfing (shameless plug: save couchsurfing!) and Ryanair flights of the day.

Now married with children, it’s no longer appropriate to travel without sleeping on a real bed. We identified rewards programs as an opportunity to cut down on the high cost of traveling like a normal person. After realizing how difficult it can be to realize the value of rewards programs, we decided to create PointHeads to share tips and tools and simplify the process for everyone.